Food Shortage, Empty Store Shelves when we hit Hyperinflation!

As the dollar continues to be devalued by the mass spending of the government we can expect hyperinflation.  We are already seeing inflation during this dollar devaluation process.  Hyperinflation will hit once the dollar collapses and hits rock bottom.  This is what you can expect.  Most people are not preparing for this.  Most people do not want to know about this, they want it to simply go away.  Well so do I and so do you.  But if you want to survive you must prepare.

Once the dollar is deemed worthless, masses of people will rush to the stores and buy up as much food as they can.  This will empty out the stores.  There will be no food for some time.  There will be ciaos, there will be food riots, there will be government food subsidies and massive lines.  People that are not prepared will go hungry and have to fight for food.


Here is another example of panic buying when an area of Europe had excessive snow creating a weather disaster in their area cutting off food supplies.  This is another reason to be prepared.


Will you be able to afford food in the future?  What type of quality of food will you be able to afford?  During the recent disasters, there were food shortages and with a demand the prices will sky rocket!  Are you prepared for this and do you have a food supply in case of a disaster?  There is a way to provide food on your table monthly, provide food to save for a disaster and start a food business to create an income.  It’s called eFoods Global Survival Food, you can prevent your food prices from rising, food shortages and start a home business.  Get 12 servings of Food for Free.

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